Price List

Service Price
Women´s Haircut
€ 75
Men´s Haircut
€ 55
Kid´s Haircut (up to 12 years)
€ 39
Wash + Blowdry
From € 55
Root Color
From € 119
Root Color + Haircut
From € 149
All Over Color
From € 139
All Over Color + Haircut
From € 169
From € 159
Highlights + Haircut
From € 189
Creative Color
From € 179
Creative Color + Haircut
From € 219
Color Transformation
Upon Consultation
Olaplex (During Treatment)
€ 25
Eyebrows (Color + Shaping)
€ 25
Eyelashes (Color)
€ 25
Eyebrows + Eyelashes (Color + Shaping)
€ 40
Upon Consultation
Event + Wedding
Upon Consultation

NB: Please note that while our prices rarely vary from our price list, they are subject to consultation. There are some factors we may not be able to assess until we see your hair. Our prices are based on time and the amount of product  required to achieve your desired end result and look. Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust the price if additional work is required.


Most frequent questions and answers

Creative coloring utilizes more than one color. Creative coloring is kind of a blanket term for any coloring technique in which the stylist is creating a multi-color look other than highlighting or lowlighting. Balayage and ombre fall under the creative coloring umbrella. 

Olaplex is a three-step process that aims to repair and prevent hair damage. It works on a molecular level by restoring the hair’s broken bonds which can result from harsh chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring. 

Do you currently have black hair and want to become blonde? A color transformation is the process involved to get you to your desired hair color. This process is dependent on the persons individual hair type and can require several months to be completed. We need to do individual consultations to make a plan for your hair.